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Neil Eckersley Olympian, Artist and Mancunian

Neil Eckersley is the 1984 Olympic bronze medallist. He won two bronze European medals and the British title in 1985, all at U60kg. He is 7th Dan and painting artists who exhibits in Europe. He lives in Stavanger (NOR).

Neil Eckersley, photographed St. Peters Square, Manchester, Feb 2018

Neil Eckersley, photographed St. Peters Square, Manchester, Feb 2018


Interesting shoot for Black Wall Systems, safe training environment furniture, rooms and weapons, for worldwide law enforcement training.

Mark: quietest man on set, until he got a sword (rubber).

Mark: quietest man on set, until he got a sword (rubber).

The boss and his staff...

The boss and his staff...


Super Sally Conway

Sally Conway, Rio Olympics 2016 Judo Bronze

HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Sally Conway, Olympic 2016 Bronze medalist.  Every time I photographed Sally she always had a huge smile, defining her totally positive attitude.  She was even smiling after tough final prep randori.  But I was so please to see her with the biggest smile ever winning Olympic Bronze medal.  As Neil Adams said In his commentary, "Sally works so hard, she trains so hard, all the time"  and "this could not be won by a nicer person, Sally Conway..."  And great to see Billy Cusack being one of the first to congratulate one of his own.   Great for Sally Conway, great for the GB Judo squad, great for British Judo.  Years and years of hard work paid dividends on the worlds biggest stage.  

Yuko Nakano Fuji

Yuko Nakano Fuji, photographed at Dartford, Aug 2011.

Yuko Nakano Fuji, photographed at Dartford, Aug 2011.

Spotted Yuko Nakano Fuji former GB judo coach with the  London 2012 squad on NHK World documentary about the Brazilian Judo team.  The programme features Charles Chibana, a 26-year-old judoka, is a 3rd-generation Japanese-Brazilian seeking Olympic glory. His family has practiced judo for generations, and his father still teaches it to the children in their 40-person household. Charles' grandparents left Okinawa for South America after World War II, leaving a home that had become a war zone and raising their children while maintaining their Japanese heritage. This program focuses on the achievements, hopes and dreams of this remarkable family.

Have a look for the full programme on NHK World, on Sky TV, news section, channel 507


Because of Judo is a photographic study by Richard Goulding of the lives of elite judo players (judoka). It is the culmination of a six year project devised as a tribute to Goulding’s teacher, the late Akinori Hosaka. 

 Because of Judo book, by Richard Goulding, Neil Adams and Mark Law

In a quest to explore the pursuit of judo at its most rigorous, Goulding conveys an extraordinary grace and beauty in a sport whose origins lie in a brutal Samurai battlefield fighting system. Following the British national judo squad as it prepares for the London 2012 Olympics, he catches the fighters, men and women, as they undergo their gruelling training for a sport which demands supreme fitness, suppleness, speed, strength and technique. As well as competition, we are taken behind the scenes to the practise areas and shown the players in revealing moments before and after their turn on the mat. Goulding also shows squad members in rare moments of stillness in a stark series of haunting and often disturbing portraits. A number of the competitors featured in the book are now undergoing the same training for the Rio Olympics. 

The publishing of Because of Judo has been achieved largely by a crowdfunding campaign which attracted enthusiastic support from backers all over the world.

The book contains text by former world Judo champion and Olympic silver medallist Neil Adams MBE and an introduction by Mark Law, author of the award winning exploration of the sport, The Pyjama Game, A Journey Into Judo.

Richard Goulding is a commercial photographer based in Manchester, UK, whose personal work focuses on the world of combat sports.


ISBN 978-1-5262-0054-9

Hardback 308 x 286 mm, 228pages, 194 plates

£40 plus shipping